24th February 2016

Bagaimana Stratus ftServer Menyederhanakan Operasional Server System

Biaya operasional suatu server tidak hanya tergantung dari harga server sebagai perangkat keras (hardware) saja.  Namun perlu diperhitungkan juga biaya lisensi software (Operating System, Application, Database dll) dan juga biaya perangkat lain yang dibutuhkan agar server dapat berjalan dengan optimal.

Stratus ftServer memiliki keunggulan dalam kesederhanaan implementasi dan operasional apabila dibandingkan dengan cluster system.


Dalam hal instalasi, implementasi Stratus ftServer dilakukan dengan konsep Plug-and-Play karena tidak membutuhkan perangkat maupun software tambahan.  Sedangkan Cluster System membutuhkan perangkat tambahan seperti (i) Switch (yang digunakan untuk menghubungkan 2 server terpisah); (ii) external storage (Storage Area Network), dan (iii) cluster software, dan modifikasi agar aplikasi yang akan digunakan bisa mencapai Cluster-Aware.

Dari segi operasional, Cluster System membutuhkan (i) keahlian khusus untuk implementasi cluster software, (ii) disiplin yang tinggi untuk melakukan failover test secara berkala, dan (iii) ketelitian untuk melakukan patch/upgrade/update di seluruh Cluster System dan kemudian memperbaharui Failover Script.  Sementara itu, Stratus ftServer mengurangi secara keseluruhan ketiga kebutuhan operasional dari Cluster System, sehingga mengurangi kompleksitas dan kerepotan dari sisi operasional server system.

Sekilas mengenai Stratus Support Services

Stratus’ focus on preventing downtime and data loss brings you much more than basic break-fix support. If you’re used to average server and software support, get ready to experience meaningful differences like these:

Proactive, remote support

Picture2System monitoring and diagnostics are active 24/7/365 not just after an event has caused a problem. This is key to our ability to ensure the availability of the platforms you rely on to support your most critical business processes.

Immediate response from an availability expert

Our response time and problem resolution skills are second to none. Every Stratus service engineer is a highly skilled expert dedicated to helping you sustain availability 24/7/365.

In-depth system health reporting

With diagnostic information always at their fingertips, our support engineers have the details they need to help determine the root cause of hardware and software issues. We then implement prevention plans to mitigate the risk of hitting known problems in the future.

Full-service customer care

At Stratus, business-critical customer support means 24/7/365 coverage. You won’t have to search a self-help database or product manual to find an answer to a problem or question.

Critical is defined by your business needs

Stratus offers a tailored support model to meet the unique requirements of your most critical business services. Our support professionals let your organization set the severity of situations when you place a service call.

Single source of accountability

Deep knowledge and experience helps us resolve multivendor issues. We provide a single source of accountability for complex inter-related platform, system software and operating system support issues even when vendor responsibility is not immediately clear.

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