If “always-on” is a requirement, Stratus has a solution that fits. In today’s always-on world, applications run under increasingly demanding circumstances. With these escalating demands comes greater pressure to prevent even the smallest amount of application downtime. Companies are responding to this need for always-on solutions by searching for technologies that either conform to or enhance their current IT infrastructures.

Stratus’ solutions enable rapid deployment of always-on infrastructures, from enterprise servers to clouds, without any changes to your applications. Our products – software and platforms – combined with our people and services enable us to prevent downtime before it occurs and ensure uninterrupted 24 x 7 x 365 performance of essential business operations.

Cloudsoar Networks was founded in 2010, and is currently a world-wide leader in virtualization and cloud computing solution provider. Cloudsoar Networks focuses on developing the latest technology for virtualization and cloud computing, and providing our global customers with secure, stable, fast IT foundation on virtualization and cloud computing solutions and services, as well as allowing information access and sharing anytime, anywhere. Cloudsoar Networks hopes to meet the challenge of traditional IT transformation, promote the process of enterprise informatization, enhance operational efficiency and help Information Technology drive business growth.

GRGBanking is a leading provider of currency recognition and cash processing solutions with great potential and rapid development.

For over 20 years, GRG specializes in the development and manufacturing of:

  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM) for financial institutions and retailers;
  • Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems for railway and subway stations;
  • Currency recognition and cash processing equipment modules and systems.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, GRG is the No. 1 ATM supplier in China and a top 6 player in the global market. GRG’s products and solutions are widely used in over 70 countries and regions worldwide, with over 168,000 machines providing reliability, security and convenience to over 10 million people on a daily basis.